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' Letters...' from the VMworld 2010 Euro

I am writing on the topic of virtualization since 2003, and, of course, things here are always present VMware.
Summary always came ' out ', mainly due to the ocean. One of the main sources of information - VMworld conference. However, until now, for me it was all in the ' remote ' mode.

Now you can watch ' live ': sitting in plenary session VMworld.
2010 Euro ( Copenhagen). Acts Paul Maritz.
(By the way, here pictures of yesterday: flight Moscow - Copenhagen, and a short walk around the city at sunset:. http://picasaweb. google. ru/aakolesov/2010_10_11_Copenhagen. ).

Listeners - about 6000 people.

first impressions.

a. Cause of VMware in Russia go to the mountain, it is clear that the country's status in the corporation raises. This is evident because the conference had brought a large team of media - five journalists PR ( as far as I know, used to be a maximum of one person to the conference ).

2. By content: for me there is nothing new. Still, I always follow them. A European conference - this is how I understand it, is almost an exact copy of the U.S.. I'm talking about is the ' wills ' at the beginning of September (. http://cloudclub-ru. blogspot. com/2010/09/cloud-itaas. html. and then. http://cloudclub-ru. blogspot. com/2010/09/vmware. html. ). Of course, it would be better to know everything at the premiere, and not 'in writing ', but Moscow VMware knows better....

The main theses of Maritza (not new, but what do you do - ' repetition - the mother of learning ').
a. Now for the communication with iron did not meet the OS and hypervisor.
2. Two way traffic in the cloud: support for legacy applications (based on traditional methods of virtualization ) and the creation of a qualitatively new software infrastructure for cloud -based ideas.
3. In VMware is all that is needed.
While all. The weather is good....

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