среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

Science Fiction?

- If suddenly someone finally invents the possibility of the collapse of a stable water into hydrogen and oxygen, then mankind will receive huge reserves of clean fuel for their iron horses. If, in addition to that humanity has mastered the production of polymers of silicon (sand ), the oil industry kapzdets come much more quickly than planned due to the depletion of oil reserves. Petrol cars become forbidden luxuries like cigarettes - would be to have them, but the ride - only in designated areas.

- If scientists can create a teleportation device ( development thereof has been going on for decades, and quite successfully for modern technology) that can move large volumes at any distance, for the usual transport come dark days. Leaving only entertainment vehicles and research - can deliver and run the teleporter at the new location. At the same time there will be no door to the house - architecture awaits the dawn of an unprecedented and unlimited possibilities - for example, the house where each room is located on a different continent, and perhaps the planet.

- When scientists learn how to inexpensively grow on the bench any bodies, medicine will give a huge shift in favor of cut - threw - put. It will be easier to change the body, than for a long time to heal. Problems arise in whole areas of health care - why learn to treat the gradual extinction of the body, if you can replace it for a short period of time. So everything is reduced to prophylactic treatment setting microlaboratory even in hospitals and care for human life.

Many things do not appear in the world, simply because it is unprofitable for those in whose hands the opportunity to release it on the market. All physicists have long known that if an ordinary light bulb set hackneyed equalizer current, the life of the bulb will be much longer. But who needs endless light bulbs? .

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пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

A few reasons

- I would have won, but just today gave a loan to his sister.
- I bought like, but want to wait until the sales.
- A valuable thing to hold your vacation, accumulated and immediately buy.
- I can now say call me later.
- Money will be one hour. Even lucky man.
- Now, if you're an hour ago I was approached, and now there is no desire.
- I think the team (family, country. ) Will not understand.
- It costs a little bit further develop.
- You can certainly do. But you know, at what cost this will result. It is better to leave things as they are.
- I tried!.
- It's too hard for me.

Actually, what I mean?. New Year's campaign ended. As part of her we sold a couple of bucks pieces of software and related products ( I jumped to 287 BC ) - the number of copies I had not even thought were given about 90 lectures and 30 invites to the club. By the way, the easiest way to get an invite to write a letter to my grandfather, not to participate in the lottery, but it figured to make only three of the nearly 100 who sent an application for an invite (do not ask. ' and that this could be? '. ).

Tomorrow morning dorazdam bonus invites and lectures, and all. Long time no shares will not be. And do not dream.

Soon you will find:.
- Output panel to monitor the parameters of sites - it -after a standstill.
- Online game - the first phase is already beta testing.
- Club Version 2 engine. 0 - just fucked up, as the qualitative changes.
- Next up Dorgen-X and bugfix Satellite-X ( if I did not fail ).

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Developed chemical solar cells

The device that was invented by Professor. Thomas Mallouk. and his colleagues, converts solar radiation into electricity through chemical processes. At the same time, it not only serves as a source of electric current, but also decomposes water into oxygen and hydrogen. This new device simulates the effect of photosynthetic systems, which nature has endowed plants, and even many of the microbes - though still with a very low efficiency, according to radio station. Voice of America.

Like all electrochemical generators, it has two electrodes immersed in an electrolyte (in this case - an aqueous solution of common salt ). The negative electrode, the cathode is made of pure platinum. The design of the anode, the positive electrode, it is much harder. It is made of titanium dioxide and coated with an organic pigment mixed with iridium oxide.

The pigment absorbs the blue rays of the sun, which are much more energy than red, yellow or green. Solar rays knock out of its molecules, free electrons, which enter into reactions that lead to the dissociation of water into oxygen and hydrogen. These reactions occur only in the presence of a catalyst, which serves as iridium oxide,.

However, in its current form, a new generator can not decompose water without assistance. He gives a little less than a volt voltage, while for the dissociation of water takes about a quarter of current. Therefore, it produces hydrogen and oxygen only when it is connected to an external source, which provides additional power. In addition, its efficiency does not exceed three tenths of a percent - this is ten times smaller than that of natural photosynthetic systems. However, the developers believe that the elimination of these difficulties - a trick. February 18, they introduced their results with the participants gathered in Boston annual meeting of the American Society in support of science.