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Foxconn F1 - ' masthead ' motherboard with four PCIe X16 slots

70633Foxconn is preparing a real gift to lovers of powerful personal computers - a motherboard based on chipset Intel P45, once equipped with four graphics slots PCI Express x16, four PCI Express x1 slots and two PCI slots. Thus, the user can just ten slots for graphics cards and / or expansion cards, but we note that some of them are blocked during the installation of modern marker cards. With four graphics slots, it is possible to equip the computer immediately by four adapters that support Quad CrossFireX technology. Support for such a large number of PCI Express is implemented through the use of two additional IDT- chip controllers, but this solution has a disadvantage - is supported by only two PCI Express interface 2. 0, while the other pair of slots for graphics cards - PCI Express 1. 0 / 1. 1, but still able to work only in the mode of PCI Express x8.

As we have said, the developers used the chipset Intel P45, working together with the south bridge ICH9. At the same time to remove heat from the two controllers and power components of the motherboard uses a water cooling system, which means high power consumption chipset. Note also the presence of two 24-pin power connector, located on the motherboard, as well, according to informed sources, the six -phase PWM circuit. Apparently, the company Foxconn is preparing a very interesting product for overclockers.

Novelty is presented as an exhibit at CES 2008, and the product was designated F1, which clearly indicates the excellent speed performance fees and the highest power. But we can not forget about the high cost of ...

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