пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

A few reasons

- I would have won, but just today gave a loan to his sister.
- I bought like, but want to wait until the sales.
- A valuable thing to hold your vacation, accumulated and immediately buy.
- I can now say call me later.
- Money will be one hour. Even lucky man.
- Now, if you're an hour ago I was approached, and now there is no desire.
- I think the team (family, country. ) Will not understand.
- It costs a little bit further develop.
- You can certainly do. But you know, at what cost this will result. It is better to leave things as they are.
- I tried!.
- It's too hard for me.

Actually, what I mean?. New Year's campaign ended. As part of her we sold a couple of bucks pieces of software and related products ( I jumped to 287 BC ) - the number of copies I had not even thought were given about 90 lectures and 30 invites to the club. By the way, the easiest way to get an invite to write a letter to my grandfather, not to participate in the lottery, but it figured to make only three of the nearly 100 who sent an application for an invite (do not ask. ' and that this could be? '. ).

Tomorrow morning dorazdam bonus invites and lectures, and all. Long time no shares will not be. And do not dream.

Soon you will find:.
- Output panel to monitor the parameters of sites - it -after a standstill.
- Online game - the first phase is already beta testing.
- Club Version 2 engine. 0 - just fucked up, as the qualitative changes.
- Next up Dorgen-X and bugfix Satellite-X ( if I did not fail ).

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